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Trade Chabi - Your Global B2B Partner - helps small & medium businesses to connect with buyers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

About Trade Chabi B2B "The inside track to business"

99% of small and medium-sized companies in the world cannot thrive without tools to level the playing field. To gain traction in any industry, you have to build the infrastructure and social influence which will pave the way for your growth, and allow you to share your work with the world. Trade Chabi was started by an entrepreneur out of the frustration he felt trying to find reputable companies to source products from overseas. We offer a new type of supplier platform for creating international collaboration with trusted companies in nearly all types of industries.

There are millions of other companies out there that already have the resources, capital, influence, products, and expertise you need to bypass your obstacles and get where you want to be. This synergy makes it possible for businesses of any size or age to create clients, develop supply chains, and scale their growth faster and more effectively than ever before. But you will never find out about the other organizations that exist unless you have the platform to find them and create a meaningful connection.


Trade Chabi makes it easy for businesses around the world to find and work with other enterprises who have what they need or need what they have. Whether you are seeking a supplier with a specific product, or you want to break into a territory or niche, we provide a clean and easy-to-use platform that gives you a detailed look into the character and strengths of countless potential partners. There is no easier way to get in front of such a high quantity of new companies and be able to make an informed decision.


Our platform works on a reputation and reference system that puts the needs of our users first, without bias or conflict of interest. Its success depends upon your ability to judge the quality and character of those who list with us, and the systems in place prevent. By combining information about how long a company has been listed with us, how well they’ve historically performed their job functions, and general public reputation, anyone can tell at a glance whether the company they just found on the other side of the planet is the type they want to work with.


With Trade Chabi, you’ll also have access to the education and insight you need to craft a professional appearance to international partners. We’ve seen countless passionate entrepreneurs fail simply because they didn’t know how to present themselves to an international market. It’s even harder if they are coming from a non-English language background. We are able to help companies with enormous value talk about and showcase their offerings in ways that are more likely to generate a positive responsive from our many users, forging a new foothold for them in their industry.


Trade Chabi is still in its early stages, and we are happy to be able to extend free membership to businesses all over the world. We plan to carry the best talent located in strategic countries like Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, USA, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, India, and more. By enrolling with us now, you’ll have the earlybird opportunity to establish your presence and build a powerful reputation among our userbase. Even the smallest businesses can become well-known experts and leaders in their industry, and with Trade Chabi they finally have a way to reach far beyond their borders and local limitations.


To promote industry thought leaders and innovation, for exceptional manufacturers we will promote them in our special premium category of “Goodtech“. To qualify these manufacturers will have to be outstanding and on top of their game. Since Japan leads the world in product innovation we will begin and showcase the best of Japan (Japan-GoodTech) and eventually cover China, South Korea, Taiwan Germany, U.S.A, Canada, Brazil, India, Singapore and Malaysia.


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